Multiple Teams · EC Names New Head Powerlifting Coach

The next interview in our series spotlighting new head coaches takes a closer look at Chance Bibbs and the powerlifting program.

East Central Athletics: Congratulations coach.  Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Coach Bibbs: Thank you, thank you.  I’m a San Antonio native that grew up here in this community.  I’m married to my beautiful wife Nakeshia and we have a two year old son who is also named Chance.

ECA: And what has your coaching career looked like?

Coach Bibbs: I’ve been teaching and coaching for 12 years now.  I spent the first 9 years of my professional career in Judson ISD as a football coach.  I also served as an athletic coordinator for a year while in Judson ISD.

ECA: Sounds like things were going well, what drew you to EC?

Coach Bibbs: When the opportunity presented itself I couldn’t pass up returning to the high school I graduated from. The memories that I have from this great athletic organization is what drove me to want to be a part of it again and to give back to the community that gave so much to me growing up.

ECA: What unique makes you unique as a coach?

Coach Bibbs: What makes me unique is my passion for the sport and the athletes who participate in them. Seeing the growth of student-athletes from the time when they are a freshman until their senior year makes it worth the time.

ECA: And what can parents and athletes expect from you?

Coach Bibbs: They can expect a person who is passionate and works hard. 

ECA: PB&J…crust or no crust.

Coach Bibbs: I can’t even eat it without the crust.  Crust is a must!

ECA: Beach or Mountains?

Coach Bibbs: Beach – It’s relaxing and I love to swim.

ECA: Whole milk or skim milk?

Coach Bibbs: Whole, helps with the crust.

ECA: Superman or Captain America?

Coach Bibbs: Superman of course! Captain American and retired now.