Varsity Girls Basketball · EC Names New Head Girls Basketball Coach

East Central Athletics recently had the chance to sit down with new head girls basketball coach Vanessa Villarreal.  We are so excited to have her an a new member of the EC family. Take a look at the conversation…

East Central Athletics: Welcome Coach! We are so excited to have you here.  Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Coach Villarreal: First, thanks for the welcome.  I am also really excited.  Proud to be a part of this family.  So I am a home town girl, born and raised in San Antonio.  I graduated from Madison High School and then had the opportunity to attend Texas A&M International to play basketball.  

ECA: So is it safe to say that your experiences in basketball lead to you becoming an educator and coach?

Coach Villarreal: Definitely! After finishing up college I was able to jump in and start coaching at St. Augustine H.S.  for a year in Laredo and then was able to coach at Madison as an assistant for 10 years.

ECA: Being able to coach at your alma mater must have been an amazing experience. What was it about EC that drew you in?

Coach Villarreal: Well at first it was the strong tradition of basketball.  There has been so much great basketball played at the Stan Bonewitz Center over the years. Coming over to coach here as a visitor it was evident that the history was rich, you were definitely in a special place.  When I had the opportunity to come to campus I had to explore it. When I got here I fell in love with the strong family ties in the community and school.  EC was such an inviting place and I could tell there were some really strong bonds here.  There was also a strong feeling of pride as soon as I walked on campus!  This is a strong, proud family that I had to take the opportunity to be a part of.

ECA: Well we couldn’t agree more about the strong family ties here at EC.  All families have unique family members that contribute in their own way. What will you be bringing to your new family here at EC?

Coach Villarreal: This job and this role as a leader is more than just basketball.  As much as I love basketball and teaching,  I do not want to just teach basketball and content. Life is about so much more.  I really care about my athletes and all aspects of their lives. The goal is to always try to make an impact beyond the gym.

ECA: With that being said, in what ways can athletes and parents expect to see that in action?

Coach Villarreal: We as a staff will be working to create a culture within our program that is characterized by discipline, respect, and accountability.  Once we are able to establish that culture we will push it beyond the gym and locker room.  The indicator that we are successfully establishing that type of culture will be those characteristics being exhibited by our athletes when they are not directly participating in the program.

ECA: That’s awesome coach.  We are looking forward to the impact that you will be making with our EC family of athletes. We have a few other rapid fire questions for you. So here we go…PB&J: Crust or No Crust?

Coach Villarreal: Hahaha…most definitely crust!

ECA: Beach or Mountains?

Coach Villarreal: #BeachLife

ECA: Whole or skim milk?

Coach Villarreal: Reduced fat milk…best of both worlds!

ECA: Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel?

Coach Villarreal: Oh Captain Marvel!

We are very excited about what Coach Vanessa Villarreal will be bringing to the EC Family.  Stay tuned to updates in relation to the upcoming girls basketball season.  Excited to see you on campus real soon! #WeAreEC