Varsity Softball · EC Names New Girls Coordinator & Head Softball Coach

East Central Athletics is excited to welcome Maggi Welham as our new athletic coordinator and head softball coach. We had a chance to sit down and visit with coach and here’s what she had to say.

EC Athletics: So tell us a little bit about yourself.

Coach Welham: Well, I have two children, my son Evan 14 and daughter Kyle 12.  We love the outdoors golfing, biking, hiking and enjoying time together.

ECA: And a little bit about your professional journey…

Coach Welham:  I started my career with Judson ISD.  I spent 9 years there before moving over to Alamo Heights for the last 6 and now I’m here at EC. I also work with Softball Factory UA. I am very excited for a new chapter of my career and the opportunity to join the EC family.

ECA: Speaking of the EC family, what drew you to EC.

Coach Welham: The close knit community.  The big school resources and a small school feel.  It’s really a unique place.  It’s also very evident that EC has a very student driven culture.  It’s obvious that students come first.

ECA: With EC being such a unique place, what will you bring that contributes to the special culture that we have here?

Coach Welham: My philosophy of servant leadership and choosing to lead from love and not fear.  I believe my commitment to create an environment to lift up athletes and pull out the best player and person in each and every athlete is a unique aspect I bring to the coaching culture.

ECA: So how does that look from the athlete’s and parent’s perspective?

Coach Welham: 

Players can expect a structured, disciplined, hard working and engaging environment. Parents can expect their daughter to be worked hard, mentally trained and her heart fueled with courage, strength and discipline.

ECA: So now to the important stuff: PB&J with or without crust?

Coach Welham: Either…IT’S PB&J!

ECA: River or Beach? 

Coach Welham: Beach!

ECA: Whole or skim milk?

Coach Welham: Neither…IT’S Milk:

ECA: Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel?

Coach Welham: Wonder Woman duhhhhh


The EC community is so excited to have Coach Welham in the family.  If you get the chance, come by the athletic office and welcome her to family.  Also, be on the lookout for the spring schedules and the Lady Hornets getting back on the diamond!